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About Us

Mission Statement

Pixel Pure Hat mission is to support local and international brands connect, engage and influence the Middle Eastern audience.

Our approach revolves around, creating stories for our clients, compleing product, services or brand stories that resonate with the Arabic audience in Arabic and English languages. We then help these clients amplify the exposure of their stories using our Smart Native Ads technologies, plan highly effective, performance based digital media campaigns, reach out to people who search for them.

We at Pixel Pure Hat, take all the troubles and technicalities, and help brand achieve their objectives of reaching audience, the most efficient way possible

Smart Native Advertising is a brand new advertising concept focused on user choice and engagement.


Let us help you create stories for your brand, and spread them locally.

If you are contacting us from the Levant area, please contact The WebSites Group

Our Services

We are in a mission to support local and international brands connect, engage and influence the Middle Eastern audience.

Smart Native Ads

Smart Native Ads is the new technology in Digital Advertising. Simply put: it integrates the content(text, image, video, page, all) seamlessly in any website, on any device: mobile, tablet, desktop. The content is integrated in a way that doesn’t resemble an advertising space, banner or unit.


Why you should include Smart Native Ads in your media mix:

  • It fits in any website seamlessly as an editorial content
  • It doesn’t annoy the visitors of the website
  • The space that Smart Nativ Ads is not limitless. It provides the large area you need to tell your
  • brand story
  • It is created with mobile-first methodology: no more low engagement rates, hello positive ROI
  • It is fully customizable, fully traceable, and fully targeted



Pixel Pure Hat Smart Native Ads are distributed to a plethora of websites across all the Middle East. Your audience read content, your story is masked as content, your story will be read



We can target campaigns thanks to our data based predictive targeting tool. We reach accurate categories of people, and this can increase campaign impact by 100%



One campaign gets scaled, automatically and fits on any mobile device.



Our technology ensures real time delivery optimization based on advertiser KPI’s (CTR, ecpm…).

Content Production

Our studio backed up by world class talent, ensures that brands create compelling product-lead stories that related to the Middle Eastern audience in a locallized framework.

We believe a client message packaged in a story container, add to it components of “human sentiments, localalities, cultural and geo based elements” is extremely needed and effective in the advertising space. People are getting bombarded by tactical, one time messages. if all the clients are doing it that way, your brand needs a differentiation edge, and genuinety to its promise.

What do we create:

  • Text content
  • Images
  • Movies
  • Short clips
  • audio recording

Why It’s time you start telling your stories


Localized Content

Our studio is run by local talented directors, cinematogrophers, script writers, editors and post editors who have been living in the Middle East.


Talented Minds

We have access to the most talented creative directors who can bring expertise from Hollywood, Europe and more importantly: the Middle East.



Using Pixel Pure Hat services, it makes it an efficient offering for brands to produce and spread the content using a single expert partner




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We are in a mission to support local and international brands connect, engage and influence the Middle Eastern audience.

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